The construction of a building requires careful preparation before laying the foundation (foundation).

You have to acquire the land and draw plans .However this is not enough.

Jesus said, Which one of you wants to build a tower sits down to calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete it? luc14: 28.30. What is true for a home is also when it comes to building a successful marriage.

How Does Jesus stressed the importance of preparation? In what area is it particularly capital to prepare?

Many say: I want to marry but how many take the time to think has what it costs.

The Bible speaks of single term marriage but draws attention to the difficulties it presents. Those considering marriage must go through deliverance.

The construction of a building can be expensive but its long-term maintenance is too. It's the same for the wedding so engaged couples must go through the fundamental issue ps 11: 3 (when the foundations are destroyed just as he will) get married already seems challenging.

However we must also think about keeping the year domestic bond after year. What does it require? First before issuing a marriage that is to say, a good spiritual preparation.

Here is how the Bible speaks of marriage (a man leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and the two shall become one flesh) Gen2: 24

Weddings are common these days, and most marriages are many more divorces ahead quantity. After research we have selected on 100 divorces just 70% of Christians and 30% of non-believers. Most marital problems come from sexual infidelity, loss of desire for his partner. People who like to promise never to quit and become worst enemies no longer able to bear or forgive. When love disappears hatred takes over. A person you've known as an angel suddenly becomes unbearable demon. This is why the issue before marriage is very important. Many who have married without the issue were to be discovered after several years that their needs and aspirations and those of their spouses were no longer the same. According to statistics those who marry without going through the issuance may be much more unhappy than those who went through spiritual preparation.

A good marriage is spiritually prepared by fasting and prayer sanctification especially the spiritual warfare prayer against satanic foundation.

Some time dedicatory prayer before marriage will help you lay the solid foundation for your marriage, a solid and powerful foundation.

You will be a couple that has built its foundation on the rock of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. No wind can destroy this divine union. A good project is being prepared, and a good marriage is prepared in the presence of God.


Many Christians around the world raise many questions. Many, many times, have wondered why they continue to face bizarre situations, things hard to be understood as born-again Christians. Many people continued to fight against the problems of life, even after giving their lives to Jesus Christ.

Many of them have decided to abandon the race to the sky, thinking that God had dropped. This category of people should see and treat its foundations.

Your life can be compared to a building, the building stand or collapses depends on the foundation type on which it is erected. If it is low, you will continue to fight against the tottering walls that will eventually collapse. Disregard what you are going through right now, go back to your foundation and you can find the cause of your problems and you will understand why you seem to face difficulties that are resistant to solutions. And if you confront this foundation, you will very quickly out of the woods.



The foundation is the basis, the beginning, the source and legacy of someone, the foundation is the basis of something, it is also the beginning, the origin of something or someone.

The founder is the one who created something

The foundation: it is what serves as a support base, the stone structure that supports an entire house from the basement.

A person without a past does not exist; we all have a foundation, our course past, back to the time of our ancestors or our parents, many of us live as if the past does not exist, we are born again; but our ancestors were born again? If they were involved in ritual murders, human sacrifices, sacrifices newborns, twins and virgins to idols, then our foundation has a problem.

If someone in your family line was mixed with baby shelling in rituals to acquire money, your foundation is very bad.

If your ancestors were priests of the idols or members of a cult masquerades, your foundation is demonic.

Of course if your grandparents were fetish priests, or if you love the water, sacred grove, the moon, the sun, the building of your life is built on the foundation of idolatry and fetishism.



The foundation can be a material heritage, social heritage of traditions, suffering, destiny and culture etc.

The problems that your father was, you can inherit its same problems, the disease that killed your father or your mother the same disease can give you death and also to your daughter, the level of your father may be your level, its work can be your work, the kinds of friends that your father had, you can have the same kind of friends, the character of your parents may be your character.

In the same way that physically we resemble our parents, we can spiritually looks like the spirits that have possessed your parents as you can have.

Therefore, people ignorantly want to keep the ancestral worship. This attitude is at the origin of the multitude of spiritual and social problems that plague today many large African communities.

Idolatry is a source of wars and poverty.

In Exodus 20 V 3-5: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of things that are in heaven above, or that is in the earth, and that are in the water under the earth "

God punished the acts of idolatry from the first to the fourth generation, worship idols is a curse that is on the authors and the descendants of four generation, which is 400 years old Isaiah 65 V 6-7.

In Lamentations 5 V 7-16 the Bible says "our fathers have sinned, they are not and that is we have borne their iniquities."

Our parents no longer live, but we continue to pay the penalty for their sins because the curse is over four generations requires an identification and repentance cancel the curses with the blood of Jesus Christ.


The foundation work on the principle of the alliance, you can be fair and have bad foundations. The Bible says in Psalms 11V3: "If the foundations his overthrown, just what would he do? "

The fair has foundations that must restore the foundations are overthrown diabolical foundations.

Many people are saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit but they will not advance until the fire of the Holy Spirit has not worked on the basis of their lives. You must pray today that all problems rooted in polluted foundations are resolved in the name of Jesus Christ

The Bible says in Isaiah 51V1 said, "Listen to me, you who pursue justice, who seek the LORD! Look to the or you were hewn rock, On the grave or have been fired. "

In this passage the Bible speaks of Christians of God's children, God wants us back to our foundations that we treat in a special way, to be effective in the work of God, and fulfill his prophetic destiny.

The Bible says in Luke 6 V48: "He is like a man building a house, who dug before, and laid the foundation on rock. A flood arose, the stream broke against that house but could not shake it, because it was well built. "

What problem is it here? The foundation, of course liked, I would point out that the rain and the floods and winds made no distinction when they attacked the house. She resisted.

A foundation dictates the kind of structure to build, it is hidden below .It does not attract attention, but work in secret, we must treat our foundations, building our foundation on the rock that is Jesus Christ (Matthieu7 24-27).

A shallow foundation can carry a very small and weak structure Whoever is deep can carry strong and giant structures, the foundation determines the strength of the building.

Example: if you put a pupil of CM2 in a master class in college, he certainly will have problems because its base. It's the problem of the foundations.

The fact remains that your life can not support the amount of prosperity that your foundation will allow it. Currently, the problem is this: the basis for many people consists of acts that God abhors. You can not have sustainable prosperity on a foundation polluted.


· It keeps you in poverty and failure

· It gives strength and strengthens the enemy

· It establishes the stagnation of progress and backwardness

· It fertilizes problems and increase

· It causes the chronic celibacy

· It causes premature death

When a person with a bad foundation progresses, this progress can not last because of the foundation of his life "this is a serious matter." Many of us look at these things without question, we must ask to know what is the source of our problems.



· Abraham lied that his wife is his sister Gen 12 V10-13

· Isaac son of Abraham also lied that his wife is his sister

Gen 26 V 6-7

· Jacob son of Isaac lied taken the birthright Gen 27 V1-40

· The son of Jacob also lied that their brother Joseph died Gen 37 V1-36


· Abraham's wife Sarah was barren Gen 16 V 1

· Rebecca Isaac's wife was barren Gen 25 V 21

· Rachel Jacob's wife was barren Gen 29 V 31

The father lied, the son also lied to the little son did the same, sterility is in the house of the father, the son and the small son, they marked their generation but the fundamentals have acted in their lives because it not been processed.


· Moses son of Levi, Levi was very angry in his anger he and his brothers killed men for revenge, because these people have dishonored their sister, despite the repentance of those men.

· Gen 34 Jacob their father cursed the anger of Levi Gen 49 V 5-7, this is the family came out Moses Exodus 1-10 V 2.

· An Egyptian hit an Israeli Moses saw it killed the Egyptian in anger as his ancestor did to avenge his sister Exodus 2 V11-12.

· In anger Moses threw tables and broke them, because he was angry Exodus 32 V 19.

· In Number 20 V 7-12 God told Moses speak to the rock and struck the rock twice, it prevented Moses from entering Canaan, your foundation can prevent them from entering your spiritual blessing, material, emotional.

Moses was a great prophet but these foundations we prevented from entering the promised land your foundation can put an obstacle in your progress, spiritual, social and marital should be treated to prosper in life.



· Judah the ancestor of David slept with his daughter-Gen 38 V12-19

· David slept with the wife of Uriah 2Samuel a soldier 11V2-4

· Ammon son of David slept with his sister 2Samuel 13 V 1-28

Absalom son of David slept with ten concubines of his father 2Samuel 16V 20-22

· Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines 1 King 11 V 3.

If all these great people of the Bible had a problem of foundation, it is not we who are spiritual babies escape the negative foundations, these people demonstrated the power of God, by the grace of God they are entered covenant with God for them and their children after Gen 28 V 10-22.

We must treat our foundation, Jesus died and rose for our foundation, it gives us knowledge of our foundation so that we treat in a special way.

We must do research on our origins, we must seek to know the history of your family to know the basis of your life.


O God, even now I come before you in repentance, because I know I have sinned, I allowed the enemy to come into my life to close the doors of my marriage, to close doors my family.

I beg your pardon, I have sinned, I went to seek protection in man, in marabouts, witch doctors, I made marine baths, ritual baths in order to have a husband.

I went in all sorts of sexual perversions: fornication, pornography, masturbation, incest, adultery, I lived in concubinage. I united in one body with prostitutes by having sex with them, as Your Word says in 1 Corinthians 6 / 16-19 to flee fornication, because by engaging in fornication, we sin against our own bodies. But our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. I've had sex in cars, outdoors, in markets, in gardens, in the forest. I have committed abomination and acts against nature by going with animals.
I have sinned, as if that was not enough; I also inherited sexual sins from my parents.

Have mercy on me, O God of mercy, the time of your anger, your judgment, remember your mercy and erase my sins. I just plead before You; not to a man but to You, God of Forgiveness, it is You who forgives all our iniquities and heals all our diseases, forgive my sins and blot out my sins.
Heavenly Father, through Your Word, even now, I give up, I reject all the signs, all the gifts, the gifts I received husbands or night of women, all the properties I received, I reject any profit women and husbands night, I give it all.

O God, by thy word, I demand the release of the redeeming blood, the blood of Jesus Christ who took away the sin of all humanity, which is paid to the cross of Calvary for my redemption, to erase all my sins.

That the blood of Jesus Christ begins to flow into my life and everything deposit husbands, night women in my life, all poison husbands, night women filed into my system, in my body, that the power of blood of Jesus Christ neutralizes power and expels of my life in the name of Jesus Christ!
O God, the blood of Jesus Christ flows from the top of my head to the feet for any poison the husband and wife the night lodged in me through sex dream, that are expelled my life in the name of Jesus Christ!

O God, empty me any poison, any deposit in my life, the ôte- of my life, purge them of my genitalia, that Jesus' blood flows in all parts of my body, my mind, of my soul to redeem myself; purge me of contagion, contamination night husbands and wives in the name of Jesus Christ!

I reject and renounce all spiritual marriage in the name of Jesus Christ!
Jesus Christ is my original husband and he is jealous of me, consequently, I give a divorce ticket to any woman / husband every spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ!

I announce to heaven that I am married to Jesus Christ.
I bind every woman / husband any spirit of everlasting chains.
That the wife / husband spirits and all their children fall and die!
You, wife / husband mind, I burn your certificate and destroy your ring
Any trade-mark of the spirit of the water is driven out of my life,
O Lord, begins to fight those who fight me.

The heavenly testimony overcomes any testimony of hell in my life, in the name of Jesus Christ!
O Lord, defend your interests in my life.

God, in your speech, you said that a man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, I come before your throne of glory to beseech your grace, your support and your salvation in my home in the name of Jesus Christ!

I prophesy my physical marriage and I curse every spiritual marriage because I am a human, I am not a demon to marry an evil spirit in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

So starting today, I totally refused any spiritual marriage against my life. My only spiritual husband is Jesus Christ, it is also the husband of the church, my physical husband is Mister ... we're married forever for the glory of God in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.

You can leave a note, ask a question or even make a suggestion. We will consider.

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